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How to Clean Camera Lens

Dust happens. It’s inevitable and you just have to make peace with the fact it’s going to end up on your lenses. Of course, many other substances like oils from your fingers, the elements, food, or whatever you pick up while outside may eventually find its way onto your gear as well.

Some dust on the front of the lens can be harmless and even unnoticeable in your photos. However, dust on the back or oil on either end can stand out a lot more. You should only clean your lens if absolutely necessary and not just because of some arbitrary schedule.

  • Use a blower before any other cleaning method.
  • Clear the blower of any potential dust first by squeezing a few puffs away from the lens.
  • Hold very close to the lens without touching to prevent blowing airborne particles onto the glass.

How to Clean Camera Sensor

Have you met such problem? When you are watching your photos on computer, there are black spots here and there. Then have to use Photoshop to edit one by one.

Actually don’t need to be so troublesome. Just inspect your sensor and clean it before shooting, you will easily avoid these problems.

The dusts on sensor not only seriously influence the pictures you take, in some condition but also cause mildew to let your device fail to fulfill the normal work.

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