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Hurricane Air Blower Kit DDA-2

The VSGO Portable Hurricane Blower Kit has a unique valve design, ensuring a strong burst of air with every squeeze. Its soft, flexible, silica gel nozzle prevents damage from accidental contact with the lens or sensor.

  1. All products manufactured in a CLEANROOM environment.
  2. Vacuum packaged.
  3. Static-free microfibre cleaning cloth, lasercut to prevent fibre residue.
  4. Short, soft, Silica gel nozzle.
  5. Sensor swab w/ microfibre tongue piece.

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The VSGO Portable Hurricane Blower Kit has a unique valve design, ensuring a strong burst of air with every squeeze. Its soft, flexible, silica gel nozzle prevents damage from accidental contact with the lens or sensor.


  • All products manufactured in a CLEANROOM environment.
  • Vacuum packaged.
  • Static-free microfibre cleaning cloth, lasercut to prevent fibre residue.
  • Short, soft, Silica gel nozzle.
  • Sensor swab w/ microfibre tongue piece.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Non-Toxic, odourless, environmental materials used.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Portable hurricane air blower.
  • 1 x Lens cleaning cloth (white): 12.7cm × 12.7cm (5″ x 5″).
  • 1 x APS-C sensor cleaning swab 16mm.

Super Powerful Air Stream

Small soft nozzle prevents accidental damage in case of contact with the lens, sensor, and other delicate parts. Environmental silica gel material, non-toxic and odorless. Meet RoHS standard. Powerful air stream that can effectively blow away dust in the seam

Soft Nozzle: No Hurt To Precision Equipment

VSGO air blower, adopting special silica gel nozzle material, no hurt to delicate sensor and lens. Accord RoHS standard, integrated molding, no plastic powder generate inside, no secondary pollution

Super Powerful Air Inject

VSGO Hurricane air blower, adopting unique valve design, super powerful air inject, twice air pressure can effectively blow away dust in deep seam. bring you the purest cleaning experience.

Excellent Cleaning Ability

Dedicate for sensor cleaning, extraordinary cleaning ability Adopting superfine microfiber cleaning cloth as cleaning tongue piece, precisely sweep off invisible dusts, particles Enough to deal with the trouble of CCD/CMOS getting dirty In most cases.

Pioneer Vacuum Packing

In Camera Cleaning Industry

As the first one in this line to produce in clean- room and adopting vacuum packing, VSGO is pursuing O pollution production for cleaning tools which will contact precision equipments. Independent vacuum packing is also convenient and reliable.

Microfiber Excellent

Cleaning Ability

Special craft processing micro fiber cloth which can directly contact lens, sensor and another delicate surface. Superb cleaning ability easily to remove the subborn stain, fingerprints, and oil stain. Anti-static, vacuum package, clean and portable.

Laser Cutting No Fiber Drop

To satisfy the request of high-end camera and other digital products cleaning, VSGO build up a complete set of”0 pollution”production system. Each piece of cleaning cloth is made of microfiber, cut by laser. That’s to make sure no fiber drop and lint-free during cleaning. Optical grade make the purest cleaning for camera.

VSGO Easy Cleaning for

All Kinds of Digital Products

LENS: Swab can also clean lens.

CAMERA BODY: Sensor cleaning swab is very convenient to clean adapter ring, contactor and other seams, edges and corners.

SCREEN: Super soft microfiber is surely no problem to clean screen.

Enjoy the Joy of Cleaning

  1. Firstly put camera lens downwards to dump out Particle dust. Then use VSGO professional air blower to blow dust and sand away.
  2. Use VSGO cleaning brush to sweep off dust in the seam.
  3. Take out cleaning cloth from the vacuum package and use the center part of cleaning cloth to wipe dirt on lens, reflector. Wiping should go along the same direction.

How Do I Know

CCD/CMOS Need to Clean?

We can easily check CCD/CMoS get dirty or not at home. Adjust aperture to F11, shot a piece of white paper. Carefully observe 100% size photo to inspect whether there are black spots on it. If black spots appear, your camera sensor would need to be cleaned.

VSGO Bring You

Cleaner Photograph

VSGO is a professional digital product cleaning brand which belongs to Shanghai Jieyong Technology Co, Ltd. All its products are produced in 100 class CLEANROOM. Sensor swab and cleaning cloth are adopting vacuum packing to guarantee their pure clean property. We believe only the clean cleaning products can ensure you a better cleaner photograph.


All VSGO products have passed the test of SGS, ensure safe and reliable using.

JIEYONG TECHNOLOGY, the leading producer of house-hold cleaning products, owns famous brand” VSGO, provides high-end products for SLR camera, home appliances and digital camera cleaning. Since the establishment of the company we always insist on independent innovation and stable development focus on valuable environmental preferred products, and offer high quality products to meeting new needs.

Quality Control

  1. We will not start to produce products until you confirm the sample and order.
  2. The packing will be water-proof, damp-proof and sealed.
  3. Our QC staff will inspect product before / during / after mass production.

Why Choose US

  1. Production Equipment : 8 sets Ultrasonic cut machines,10 setw Holt melt machine.
  2. Quality : Advanced production equipments, Strict quality control to make sure superior quality.
  3. Price : Professional manufacturer in China, You can get the most competitive price from us.
  4. Delivery Time : Within 2-7 days after receiving payment as usual.
  5. 12 years Rich export experience in manufacturing & selling cleanroom products.
  6. 24-7 hours Excellent Service Team, OEM & ODM is available for us.


  1. Clean camera immediately after using can effectively remove dust and other stains, also increase its using life.
  2. Please check the battery power before cleaning in case low power reflector turn back to cause damage during cleaning.
  3. During the cleaning of sensor or lens, one swab better to use only once, so that to avoid stain or dust stick on swab to cause a secondary pollution.
  4. If stubborn stains still can’t be eliminated after the cleaning by lens cloth and cleaner (such as the colloid stains left by using unprofessional cleaning tools). Please contact the factory service station for help and do not clean by yourself to avoid damage to lens.
  5. Please do not use sensor cleaner in low temperature in case cleaner freezing. Keep away from high temperature.
  6. Damage occurred by not complying with operation method should undertake by user self.
  7. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat or play!


We offer free shipping for worldwide by China Post Air Mail, Singapore Post and Malaysia Post. Parcels with liquid cleaner inside with ship by Singapore Post and Malaysia Post. All the orders will ship out within 3 days.


We offer free return for those orders that do not match their online descriptions posted on Ebay. When the condition for the claim are met, you can return the items to us without any cost. After our confirmation of the receipt your payment will be refunded.


Since your feedback is very important to our business’s development, we sincerely invite you to leave a positive feedback if you are satisfied with our products. And if any question or problem, please contact us firstly. We will solve it for you as soon as possible.

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